robot rendezvous

Meeting humans can be a challenge, but meeting robots becomes an existential crisis. When visiting Tokyo, I chanced upon what looked like an impromptu fan meeting between ASIMO and a hundred excited onlookers. This gathering occurred at the Miraikan and was an unexpected delight for an unknowing foreigner.   (Also known as the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Miraikan is an excellently organized museum, … Continue reading robot rendezvous

convenience in my way

I never realized how convenient convenience stores were until I visited Japan. I am familiar with the concept of convenience stores but the ones around my regular habitat are appallingly shallow. Yes, you can get things but these things are often the barest of minimums so it’s more reasonable to use the dollar stores that have billion-dollar holdings and randomly carry near-expired brand-name goods. But … Continue reading convenience in my way